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Re: Snows for 5kcstq

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From: Erik Addy <erik@aero.und.edu>
>> IMHO a little narrower is better in a snow tyre, and you should
>> try to come
>> as close as you can to the standard diameter.  I have 195s on my '83 Ur-Q
>> and on my wife's Jetta GLX.
>an Ur-Q and a Jetta, still lighter cars than a type 44.  By a lot.
>205/60 and 195/65-15 are stock diameter.  As is the 185/65-14 on the 4kq.

185/70-14 is stock size on a base North America type 44. Curb weight is
listed as 2524 lbs.

Source: Haynes manual, Audi 5000, 1984 thru 1988 All 2wd gasoline engine