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Re: 89 90Q troubles, 211 vs 215 fpr Q?

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From: Huw Powell <audi@mediaone.net>
Reply-To: one@humanspeakers.com
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 13:34:32 -0500
>But the fpr in it was a 215 and the ones I had lying around (prolly from
>5k's) were 211's.  Anyone know what's up with that?  Are they
>different?  How different?   etc. etc.
>Huw Powell

I think Phil Payne had a post a while back about the 211's being crap. Something not properly connected inside them or something like that!?!

I've got a 211 in my 88 90q and I would like to get a 215...what is the part number?


Michael Lemon
Kansas City, MO
'88 90q