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Re: Cruise Control

Hey there.. thanks for the reply..  I hate to sound ignorant, but im not
exactly sure which vacuum hose you are referring to (as I am not sure what
you mean by the pump <i gather from reading the archives there is some
sort of pump that creates the vacuum for the system>.. but where is this
pump? :)

Also, how does one test for leaks in the hose?  Thx

On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, Huw Powell wrote:

> > Hey there..  This got me thinking.. My cruise control doesnt work either
> > <never has>.. mabey somebody could advise what I should test/replace..
> > Firstly, its an 86 5000s nonturbo.  How does one test if this box is bad?
> > And where does such a box reside?  Its like the cruise control doesnt even
> > exist -- i try to switch it on but nothing happens (no light, no clicks,
> > nothing)..
> Box is last, least likely to be bad...
> 1st, vacuum hoses from pump to servo and to brake/clutch pedal switches.
> 2nd, the pedal switches (clean them at the same time) they must give a
> nice zero ohms easily when the pedal is a rest.
> fix these and I bet it works.
> otherwise, the Bentley has a fairly rigorous procedure for testing the
> system out wire by wire to pinpoint defective components.