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Re: Snows for 5kcstq


Maybe I am crazy, but...

I didn't have the wobble problem that you speak of - very smooth up to 120mph.
You may have had a bad tire (slipped tread) or they weren't balanced proplerly.
The Michelins that are on my q just got mounted and they wobble already. I am
taking them back to have them re-balanced, because they were fine when they were
on the Jetta. I am not REAL confident that the 20 yo slacker that mounted them
really cared if they were balanced or not...

What is bugging me about this thread more than tire choice is the continual
reference to car weight and what tires came stock on it. This has NOTHING to do
with how the car performs IN THE SNOW. I wonder how many of these people live in
areas of serious snow. Not Ice, not wet, not dry. Snow.

- Dave

Todd Phenneger <phen9461@uidaho.edu> on 12/02/99 12:01:47 AM

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Subject:  Re: Snows for 5kcstq

WHAT, are you crazy.  The Blizaks rule in the snow, no questions.  Esp the
Ice.  But the SUCK in the Dry.  Their Grip is Ok but they wobble all over
the place.  I think they are the single WORST tire I have ever driven in
the dry in the feel anc confidence department.  Anyhow, I will never buy
them again for that reason.  I'd MAYBe consider their newer stuff but the
originals sure were bad.  IMHO.  They are great in the snow though.  Jsut
not worth the tradeoffs for me when I can get close to as good of Ice
traction and just as good of snow traction and  WAY Better dry handling
with Nokia's or Something.  (Un studded for me)
     Just my opinion though

     Todd Phenneger
     1983 ur-q / black / getting a MC
     1984 4000 Turbo quattro (Faster than your average 4kq)
     1987 4000 quattro / Saphire Metallic Blue/ Girlfriend's
     1996 A6q / Volcano / Dads Car
   *****1985 5kt / PARTING OUT!
Don't know why you are passing up Blizzaks. IMHO these are GREAT
tires. Snow
traction is better than Gislaveds or Michelin snows, and wet traction is
good too. I had a set on my 318i that I drove year round for about three
I was going to change them out in the spring the first year, but they
so well I left them on. After three years there was still plenty of snow
left, and I'm a pretty aggressive driver. Yes, they do wash out a little
compared to high performance tires on dry pavement, but they are VERY
predictable. Since the 5K is a bit heavier they might not do so well on
roads, but they are definitely worth the money.

- - Dave