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Re: turbo oil & water gates.

JShadzi@aol.com wrote:

> Aluminum fittings could even be welded onto the oil filter
> housing to run new lines to a new oil cooler too.

Welding isn't necessary at all.  If you unscrew the factory adapters
from the oil filter housing, you can obtain adapters that will allow
standard lines (Aeroquip, Earl's, etc.) to connect right up.

This is how I added the aftermarket Setrab oil cooler to my turbo GT
project.  All that's needed is a little time with a local race shop rep
who knows his fittings, and about five days for the parts to be ordered
if they're not in stock.

BTDT.  A lot easier (and more adaptable in the future) than permanently
modifying the oil filter housing.



'85 turbo GT coupe
'89 80q
'89 200q