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Cruise Control

Hi Andrew,

Hey, we have a thread! not BMW, not Torsen, not ML business practices.  My
Bentley, written on the Gutenberg presses, nevertheless has a very effective
troubleshooting roadmap on the cruise control system.  I should warn you
that the last destination is the control box which is where I got to because
all other items in the roadmap checked out okay.  You ought to go through
this procedure before putting in a control box, for you will probably find
that your control box is working fine.  If you can't get one elsewhere, I'll
scan a copy of mine in and fax or include it as a file attachment to you by
email.  It is roughly 8 pages in length.



Jim Jordan
81 5KT > 300K miles

> ------------------------------
> Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 04:04:38 -0500 (EST)
> From: Sitzman <bg20300@binghamton.edu>
> Subject: Cruise Control
> Hey there..  This got me thinking.. My cruise control doesnt work either
> <never has>.. mabey somebody could advise what I should test/replace..
> Firstly, its an 86 5000s nonturbo.  How does one test if this box is bad?
> And where does such a box reside?  Its like the cruise control doesnt even
> exist -- i try to switch it on but nothing happens (no light, no clicks,
> nothing)..
> Thanks!
> - -Andrew