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Car Audio Advice Pt 2.

Thanks to all who replyed.  I have the CD player in the 200TQ and all the
wiring done at that end except for the Ignition (or, switched power) wire.
I have kinda decided (mostly due to the radio having a contant clock when
off) to wire it to the ignition... or to turn off if they key is out of the

Under advice from a lister, it would be a good idea to tap the power off
from the relay that makes the pinging noise when key is in ignition and door
is open.  Or, does this stay powered all the time as well because it comes
on if key is out and radio is on????  Anyways, I looked back there and there
is almost no room behind the fuse panel to work with and I dont really know
what I'm looking for.  I'd like to get this all done at once.  ANy other
"ignition" or "key in" source that would work well to run switched power
from???  Any advice appreciated.

I have not installed the amp yet, but pulled the amps off the rear speakers
and have all the wires dangling there.  I don't think that part will be
hard.  Just a matter or hooking everything up.

I have one other area where I am having trouble.  I'm trying to hook up the
front speakers via speaker new speaker wire ran from the trunk.  The
speakers are recessed way back in the dash on the 200, and I know you can't
get to them via the top either.  Any ideas on how to get to wiring these
speakers shy of pulling the dash!???

Thanks again.  Hope to have this thing operational sometime tomorow.  Well I
have to work tomorow, but by Saturday morning at the latest.