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Re: Car Audio Advice Pt 2.

I thought I read on the list recently that the 200's dashboard speakers
were for the telephone system only, while the radio speakers were in the
front doors.  Did I misunderstand that or is that only if there's a
telephone in the car?

Kneale Brownson

At 06:33 PM 12/2/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Thanks to all who replyed.  I have the CD player in the 200TQ and all the
>wiring done at that end except for the Ignition (or, switched power) wire.
>I have kinda decided (mostly due to the radio having a contant clock when
>off) to wire it to the ignition... or to turn off if they key is out of the
>Under advice from a lister, it would be a good idea to tap the power off
>from the relay that makes the pinging noise when key is in ignition and door
>is open.  Or, does this stay powered all the time as well because it comes
>on if key is out and radio is on????  Anyways, I looked back there and there
>is almost no room behind the fuse panel to work with and I dont really know
>what I'm looking for.  I'd like to get this all done at once.  ANy other
>"ignition" or "key in" source that would work well to run switched power
>from???  Any advice appreciated.
>I have not installed the amp yet, but pulled the amps off the rear speakers
>and have all the wires dangling there.  I don't think that part will be
>hard.  Just a matter or hooking everything up.
>I have one other area where I am having trouble.  I'm trying to hook up the
>front speakers via speaker new speaker wire ran from the trunk.  The
>speakers are recessed way back in the dash on the 200, and I know you can't
>get to them via the top either.  Any ideas on how to get to wiring these
>speakers shy of pulling the dash!???
>Thanks again.  Hope to have this thing operational sometime tomorow.  Well I
>have to work tomorow, but by Saturday morning at the latest.