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'92 100CS: autocheck and Bose Audio


My friend (who is NOT an audifan whatsoever bought a 1992 100CS a year or so
ago from a small dealer in Atlanta. He paid about $12,000.; car has about
120k. Car has two annoyance problems. (I'm asking because the car may become
for sale and I may be interested if it does, and I don't want to see him
muck it up))

First: Oil level autocheck flickers. Any ideas?

Second: Bose audio system. Am I right that the rear speakers run on one amp?
(as opposed to the amp/speaker units in my 200T) The problem is that he says
he's blown that amp. He says a guy at an audio store (ie Hifi Buys or
equiv.) says that he can put an MTX amp in there. (I'm sure its _possible_
but I'm talking with minimal modifications) Also, would the Bose head unit
work with an aftermarket amp on Bose speakers? I know that if he did change
the head unit it would reek hell on the front speaker/amp units.

I want to seriously express my thanks to all the list members, not just for
this but for every other question I've asked, as well as the basic flow of
information. This list is a reliable sorce of information that will never be

Ryan Gemmill
85 5ksw; 86 5ks; 91 200T