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> My stolen A4 1.8T has been recovered by the police . The thieves have
> driven 9000 km and I would like comments as to what to look for /
> determine damage to car /engine which the insurance company will have
> compensate me for

a) 9000km is a fair distance.  Did the thieves miss any service
   intervals?  If so, ask your local 'Blue Book' company what impact
   missing a service has on the second hand value.

b) Again to the local 'Blue Book' company.  What is the impact on the
   second hand value of exceeding a standard mileage?  I.e., you're
   fully entitled to drive (e.g.) 10,000 miles a year in your car - any
   more than that and the second hand value model takes a dive.  But your
   car has done 9000km without your permission - if you now drive the
   rest of your normal annual allowance (per Blue Book) you'll take a hit
   on the second hand value.

c) For your personal satisfaction, just pull the turbo outlet hose and
   check the turbo manually for axial and radial play, and make sure
   there's no shrapnel in the hoses.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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