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RE: 10v 200tq Bilsteins

> I bought them from Turner Motorsports, (BMW specialist) 978-388-7769,
> who have a great relationship with Bilstein, and with whom I have a long
> standing relationship. They have agreed to honor the prices they gave me
> for the list. Please mention my name, ask for Will or Doug. These are by
> FAR the best prices I could find.
> Front: P36-0370, $116.00 each
> Rear:  BE5-2593, $122.00 each.
> These are the HDs, meant for the stock springs, and work very nicely, I
> have to say.
> They have a 'Sport' front strut, dont have the part # handy, but its in
> the archives, which has the identical bump and rebound settings as the
> HD, but a shorter length to compensate for shorter springs. No sport
> rears available.

There was such a thing as sport rears, are you saying Turner doesn't have
them, or that they are NLA?

Thanks for the tip,