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power windows

Same symptoms with my '87 5kcstq.  The window would go down a couple
of inches, then jam.  Pressing on it would help it to move some more.
I took it apart last weekend and found that the cables were badly frayed
and jamming in the rollers at the top and bottom of the rail.  I called
the Audi dealer to find out about a set of replacement cables.  The answer
was that the cables are not sold separately -- you have to pay $250 for
the whole unit!  You can find used/reconditioned regulator units in the
$100-$150 price range.  I'm going to try to fix it myself -- it's worth
a try, anyway. I bought some bicycle derailer cable and crimp ends from
my local bike shop for $2.00.  Wish me luck!

>Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 20:42:04 -0500
>From: "Pat Dooley" <pdooley@gte.net>
>Subject: RE: power windows

>The closest experience I have with this issue was on an 87 Quantum.  The
>mechanism is cable operated.  The cable slides thru a sleeve, and this one
>was dry.
>I took the assembly out of the door and lubed it up.  The window went from
>completely non-operational to pretty decent.  Actually, much faster than

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>> I have always known that the power windows, at least in Audis I know,
>> are slow. The windows in my '82 Coupe are slow, but they go up and down
>> all the way, so it never bothered me.
>> But now, the passenger window goes halfway up and stops. Maybe closer to
>> 2/3rds of the way up. It stops dead...what do I do to get it going
>> again? Well, I reach over while driving at speed and tug on it while
>> pressing the window switch! Well, maybe I do that at the stoplight. Once
>> I tug on it, the window starts moving up again, as though it needs
>> momentum to get passed that point.
>> Now my question is, hoping that this won't cost anything, what could be
>> wrong? I sure hope it's binding on something, causing too much friction,
>> but I assume it's worse. And I doubt a similar case as is with
>> headlights, where there isn't enough power being delivered to the
>> device....I wish.
>> So does anyone have thoughts?
>> Thanks,
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>> geordie clarke
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