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Loud Whistling Noise from the Engine

    When I start my engine up first thing in the morn' I get a rather
obnoxious noise that I can't pinpoint to a specific part of the engine.
Engine starts right up and when it comes down from the initial starting rev
it makes a whistling noise, low pitched noise.  When I give a little gas the
noise gets louder and higher pitched, and it's fairly loud.  Sounds like a
train whistle.  Only happens when the engine is cold and has sat for at
least 6 hours.  The noise goes away above 2000rpm, then if I go back to idle
and rev a bit it comes back.  This noise goes away after 2 minutes of
idling, 1 minute of driving.  Not from the tranny, from the front of the
engine.  Not from the hydraulic pump.  Possibly the alternator, A/C, or the
water pump.  Anyone have a clue or heard this before?  It seems as if it's
from the alternator, but everything is tightly packed up there so it's hard
to tell, plus the noise is loud enough making it seem it's coming from
everywhere in the front of the engine.  Loose belt maybe, but not squeaky
enough for that.  hmmm?


Alexander van Gerbig -- '88 Audi 80

The Audi 80 Pages-----------------------

Katonah, NY 10536