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Re: Loud Whistling Noise from the Engine


    I had this problem on my '91 200q. It went away when I changed the
timing belt, water pump, idler, and front oil seals.

Fred Munro
'94 S4  93k km

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Subject: Loud Whistling Noise from the Engine

>     When I start my engine up first thing in the morn' I get a rather
> obnoxious noise that I can't pinpoint to a specific part of the engine.
> Engine starts right up and when it comes down from the initial starting
> it makes a whistling noise, low pitched noise.  When I give a little gas
> noise gets louder and higher pitched, and it's fairly loud.  Sounds like a
> train whistle.  Only happens when the engine is cold and has sat for at
> least 6 hours.  The noise goes away above 2000rpm, then if I go back to
> and rev a bit it comes back.  This noise goes away after 2 minutes of
> idling, 1 minute of driving.  Not from the tranny, from the front of the
> engine.  Not from the hydraulic pump.  Possibly the alternator, A/C, or
> water pump.  Anyone have a clue or heard this before?  It seems as if it's
> from the alternator, but everything is tightly packed up there so it's
> to tell, plus the noise is loud enough making it seem it's coming from
> everywhere in the front of the engine.  Loose belt maybe, but not squeaky
> enough for that.  hmmm?
> Thanks!
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