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Is it toast?

I was driving my '90 100 auto briskly through some nice local twisties 
yesterday, and now I think my car is dead.

I rounded a bumpy corner and as I hit the straightaway (at about 45) the tach 
jumped to the redline and the car started to slow down...and make the most 
god-awful "whooooze kurk kurk kurk kurk kurk" noise from the front driver's 
side.  I immediately killed the engine and pulled to the side.  I put the car 
in park and started the engine, hoping everything would be okay.  Engine 
cranked up as normal.  Put car in gear and the car hit the redline, the 
speedo hit 60 mph and the car sat there sounding like a Cuisinart full of 

My first guess was a dead tranny, but the car was obviously engaging in gear. 
 Next guess is a dead CV joint...but this is totally unlike any CV problems 
I've ever had with any car.  

Any guesses?

>From the side of the road,