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'90 200q timing belt replacement

I need to change the timing belt, water pump, crank seal on my '90 200q.
Car has 124k miles, and is making a sound thyat sounds like it might be the
water pump going.  Only thing is, I haven't decided weather to try this
myself or take it to the shop.Is this a real PIA job? Or not that bad?  Blau
has all the parts for $148 plus $35 dollar rental for the special tools
needed plus shipping, plus shipping of the tools back to Blau.  How much
should I expect to pay if I have a shop do this? (NOT the Audi dealer of
course).  I think I can handle the job and I have the Bentley manuals, but
if the labor is not that bad, I may just go ahead and pay the shop (am going
to call tomorrow for some prices).

Any advice on what to look out for, mistakes not to make, etc. in case I opt
to try this myself?

Tony Fordham