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RE: 1995 M3 LTW

I don't get this- why would someone sell an M3 lightweight and
buy a primitive NASCAR truck? I can see getting a tube-frame M3,
911 GT3 or GT2, but a Craftsman truck? Oh well, to each his own.

No criticism of you, Carter.


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Hey guys -
Anyone interested in a track car should look at this M3 lightweight (ie,
225 produced...) in the northeast.  It has 7500 track miles, has never been
registered.  No street driving.  It's been run hard, but it's really fast -
about 1:01's at Limerock, which is very impressive.  Anyone interested, I
get you the number.  Reason why selling?  He bought one of the craftsman
supertrucks, which are basically tube frame race cars with 500hp v8's.

Carter J