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Interesting Sunday

Hi all

A couple of things happened to me on Sunday, first off I saw what I thought was a really old Audi (had the 4 rings on the back) pale yellow in colour (Huw would have liked it), the guy stopped at the same petrol station as me, and we got talking. Turns out this car was a right hand drive DKW 3 cylinder two stroke, one of only two cars that are RHD in the UK, both are on my doorstep unreal. Turns out he has had this car for over 25 years and it was built in a Mercedes factory at Dusseldorf. It's condition was what looked to be totally original. 

Second thing was a strange kind of coincidence, my sister and brother in law were with us this weekend and we had arranged to go to the pub for Sunday lunch, so we pile into our respective Avants and get to the pub where we pull into the car park only to see 3 other Avants there as well. Turns out we had stumbled on the December meeting  for the southern area of UK Club Audi. Now my wife was sure this was stitch up as my brother in law is fairly anal about Audi's like me. Honest it wasn't.....

Oh by the way, I got the A509 Yokohama's on the front of Coupe Q on Friday last week, man do these things grip or what, not sure where the limit is now. Time to find out!