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Re: Need a 1991 200 20v transmission....


ABC and B&D are really the same place.  ABC is in Leominster, MA and
B&D is in Shirley, MA, but they share their inventory.  Both yards were
owned by the same guy and recently bought by FORD.  It is quite possible 
that there is only one 20v transmission and both yards are trying 
to sell it.  

I just bought a nose for a 91 200 from B&D, but the car was actually at
ABC.  No, the 91 200 was not a 20v, but everything but the fenders and
will be used on my 20v.

BTW B&D does have 2 91 200q20v rear clips.

Mike Sylvester
Shirley, MA

91 200q20v avant (in need of a nose job)
94 100csq
86 5kcstq

From: Peter Schulz <schulz@tif623.ed.ray.com>
To: quattro <quattro@audifans.com>, 200 <200q20v@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net>,
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Subject: Re: Need a 1991 200 20v transmission....

Thanks to all of you that replied.

My mechanic is obtaining one from ABC in Leominster, MA.

If anyone else needs one, talk to Erik at B&D Used Auto Parts in
Shirley, MA.  They have one with 102k miles and are asking


Peter Schulz wrote:

> No, not for me.
> My mechanic called me and said that he needs one for a customer.
> Do any listers know of one available in the New England area?
> Or should I just refer my mechanic to DAD?s or ABC in Leominster, MA?
> Thanks!
> -Peter Schulz
> 1991 200 20v TQW
> 1990 CQ
> schulz@res.ray.com