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New baby in the family: URQ

This weekend I just added a 83 UR Quattro to the
driveway, beatiful car.

I had to jump on it because he was selling it rather
cheaply and once I drove it a looked at it, I had to
have it. The car is great shape, 102,000 miles on it
and mechanically sound, since the owner is an audi
mechanic himself!! lucky for me. The only thing that I
noticed that it needed was new driver seat, and a
shift knob, but for a car that is this old what can
you expect.

According to the seller, there were a few guys that I
beat to the punch on this car, listers?

the car was in
Arlington, Mass.
The seller was Dave Clark.

Also I heard that you can register this car as a
classic, and the insurance is cheaper and the coverage
is better, does anyone know about this?

Joel Nevin
96 A4 Quattro
83 UR Quattro.
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