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Idle probs

I see several poor idle issues people are having on
their cars. On my 1987 Coupe Quattro I found the
problem was water had corroded the ISV controller.
This is a double relay size unit sitting behind the
glove box (UK). I took the case off and
cleaned/resoldered everything. Also cleaned the spade
connectors in the base. My car idled perfectly after
this repair. The water was comming from the side of
the windscreen and had been for several years by the
amount of rust in that area, I'm sure the passinger
door will fall off one day. Also the glove box was
allways full of water. I still wish I owned the car
I looked into importing to USA and the shipping cost
was $1000 but to convert to USA spec was $7000. I sold
it for (where is the Pound key?) 950 

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