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ic design finished+ question.

I've just completed the paper design of the homemade ic.

It looks very feasible as far as function, cost, and design. I believe I
may be able to make it for under ~$30-40. My labor is priceless.

I'm gonna hunt around school for a larger biuret to measure the interior
volume of the oe model. I'm gonna have to figure out a way to measure the
outer surface area of the oe model to get a baseline against the thermal
coefficients and the needed surface area. If I need a lot, I'll simply add
more of the plumbing fins to the tubes. I'll have to add some additional
to account for oxidation of the copper, unless there's something that I
can use to permanently or temporarily retard oxidation?

Fortunately, whenever I got to a hardware or auto parts supply, I always
look around to see what type of materials are available for future
projects. This makes planning and the advent of the ideas come that much

I'll take pix of each stage (provided I finally get to make it), from
materials to final product. Last stage is seat of the pants.

Question: the body where the temp sensor will be located will be made of
copper. Does this pose any problems as far as sending off readings? Will I
have to manufacture a non thermal base to mount the sensor?

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