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RE: Headrest needed and interior questions

TM said...

> Hi listers,
> I need a rear headrest for an '86 5kcstq, preferably in black, but any
> color will do, as I can always get it dyed. I need one that is in
> basically
> perfect to excellent condition, no rips, tears or loose stitching. If
> anyone
> has one or knows where one can be found, please let me know.
I have a (few actually) black headrest.  Let's talk offline (818)-586-2469,
or send me an email...

> Also, what do you all do when you have stitching going on your leather
> seats?
> I talked to an auto upholstery shop and they said don't bother, it will
> cost
> as much as getting a Recaro. Doh! Now if I break the seat down by myself,
> is
> there a way I can get a new seat cover made for me at a more reasonable
> price,
> say closer to $200 rather than $1000? I like the factory sport seats and
> it
> would drive me nuts to put a Recaro or similar seat and leave the rest
> plain,
> as it would look weird (to me) and I would rather not spend that kind of
> money
> on an old car.
I was spending $75, I remove seat, they dissamble/restitch/reassemble, I put
back in car.  I found a place around the corner that does the same work for
$60.  This guy sounds like a serious ripoff.  You can also get the panels
replaced (if needed) with vinyl that matches very well.  I was trained as an
auto upholsterer, so I have a bit of knowledge in this area...

Gary M. Lewis
1990 200tqa Silver/Platinum 146km 1.8 bar P6000 SVR, Bilsteins, BPV
1986 5kcstqa Sapphire/Platinum 180km Stock