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Re: how to flare fenders

>  I am not faulting the method and do not mean the result will look rough
>  or lumpy. Sorry I gave that impression.

Believe it or not, but my auto-body buddy actually roughs out flares with a 3 
lb hammer!  Of course, once he's finished smoothing the metal -- definitely 
an art form that's beyond me -- you'd never know...

>  no matter how carefully done will look "home-brew." The bulge you get, even
>  a small one, sticks out like a sore thumb aesthetically speaking imho. I
>  think even calling this "flaring" is misleading. It is "bulging" which 
>  nothing like flared fenders. To my eye, it resembles the way sheet metal
>  above the rear wheels tends to swell outward when the car has been hit from
>  behind.

Ahh ... now I understand what you meant.  I agree completely, which is why I 
went to great lengths to avoid doing this on my 200q.  The only way that I'd 
ever consider flaring the rear fenders is if the front fenders were flared to 
match a la the 20v 200s and the V8 ... even then, though, I'd want to think 
it over for a while first since, as DeWitt pointed out, it's neither easy nor 
cheap to change your mind.