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Re: how to flare fenders - un-flaring fenders

>Ahh ... now I understand what you meant.  I agree completely, which is why I 
>went to great lengths to avoid doing this on my 200q.  The only way that I'd 
>ever consider flaring the rear fenders is if the front fenders were flared to 
>match a la the 20v 200s and the V8 ... even then, though, I'd want to think 
>it over for a while first since, as DeWitt pointed out, it's neither easy nor 
>cheap to change your mind.

My Aunt visited an island in Caribbean, I forget where exactly, but they have a width limit on cars because of the narrow streets. Her acquaintances brought in a car that was 1.5  inches too wide, and the took it to the body shop and they reduced it to size. She said it still looked good.

Mandatory Audi content: I don't know if the car was an Audi.

2000 a6 2.7tqm