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Re: how to flare fenders - un-flaring fenders

There was a guy who showed how he did his flared fenders on his Type44 on
his website, he even showed how to make the composite flares and how to make
it look like a v8 or 20vt 200... I know that it was on a university of
washington webserver, but sadly I have lost the URL :(


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> >Ahh ... now I understand what you meant.  I agree completely, which is
why I
> >went to great lengths to avoid doing this on my 200q.  The only way that
> >ever consider flaring the rear fenders is if the front fenders were
flared to
> >match a la the 20v 200s and the V8 ... even then, though, I'd want to
> >it over for a while first since, as DeWitt pointed out, it's neither easy
> >cheap to change your mind.
> My Aunt visited an island in Caribbean, I forget where exactly, but they
have a width limit on cars because of the narrow streets. Her acquaintances
brought in a car that was 1.5  inches too wide, and the took it to the body
shop and they reduced it to size. She said it still looked good.
> Mandatory Audi content: I don't know if the car was an Audi.
> Paul
> 2000 a6 2.7tqm