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RE: Home made intercooler

Drag = pressure = heat, I think this results in a juggling act in which at
some point, depending on the design, the "improvement" cost more than the
"gain."  Corkey Bell's book "Maximum Boost" has some interesting diagrams of
alternative IC layouts, flow paths & trade offs using different setups.
Single pass, double pass, "turbulators" not -turbulators and yes, the
infamous water injection.

Mike Pederson

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>     I would really be surprised is someone had not thought of this before
> determined it not effective, especially when you are using torque from the
> motor to try to sqeeze out an equal amount of torque.  I agree that water
> injected cooling is the best way to increase you IC's cooling effeciency.
> Javad

I too had theorized about this, but I had thought about the AC running
through the core of the IC, like an air2water type. Any thoughts on this?

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