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expensive 4kq tranny noises??

Ever since about a month ago, I've been having a rather disconserting
noise coming from the area under the e-brake (tranny most likely) that
sounds like someone with metal dentures chattering their teeth...

The noise is very repeatable under the same conditions.  The noise shows
up apparently whenever I am on the throttle a decent amount, and appears
to be related closely to torque output since it is most repeatable in 1st-
3rd gears, with more throttle being required progressively through each
gear to create the noise.  As soon as I lift off the throttle, the noise
goes away.

If it is the tranny, what part in there could cause such a noise
(Bad).  If it isn't (good), what could it be!?


Marc Swanson


87 4kcsq  awaiting turbo
87 5ktq   donor (Parting out)