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RE: inexpensive exhaust system-88 90q

I have an ANSA exhaust on my other car, and it is really an impressive
system.  I called Balufergnugen http://www.audiquattroparts.com and found
out that ANSA makes the middle and rear exhaust pieces for my '90 80q.  They
have what is called the "cat-back" kit, which includes the associated

When the ANSA exhaust arrived, I was disappointed to find a pretty cheap
looking exhaust with a sticker that said "Bosel" on it.  Balufergnugen told
me later that ANSA fills some holes in their product line with Bosel
exhausts.  The Bosel exhaust looks like it was made of aluminumized metal,
not stainless steel.  It is also considerably louder (I like it).  If you
are looking for a cheap exhaust, though, you will probably want to consider
the Bosel brand.  Take a look at the vendors list on the audifans web site

I would not replace your cat if it is not physically damaged and your car
passes emissions.  That will save you some money.

P.S.  I was stopped at a stop light, and a Corolla ran into me from behind
with such force that I pushed the car in front of me into the intersection.
The Corolla that hit me was totalled.  I couldn't believe it, but besides
some scratches in the front and rear bumpers, only my exhaust system was
damaged!   And thus began my search for a new exhaust on my car...

Chris Darringer
'90 80q