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RE: Todd Pheneger's overheat

> temp sensor I ahbve but I an get another one from somewhere.  Wish my
> Multi Meter had temp sensing ability. :-)  That $160 unit I 
> was drooling
> over had that. :-)

That site that Stott talked about earlier:


had a temp sender you could plug into your "cheap" multimeter on sale for
$10 too!  Yes, my order is in already ... Thanks again Stott!

> 	Anyhow, I thoght temp sensors were usually either all or nothing
> but I spose it could be the problem.  I sure hope so.  That 
> owuld be nice.

When I met my wife she had a '77 Toyota Celica that would blow the cap off
the coolant reservoir after you shut it off sometimes ... I was mystified
because the temp gauge was reading normally!  Replaced the temp sender, and
surprise ... the car was overheating!  Yes, it is possible for temp senders
to fail in a way that makes the gauge read incorrectly ...

In the case of the Toyota the problem was that the car was in an accident
earlier in its life that pushed the rad into the cooling fan.  To fix it the
rad repairman pinched off a number of tubes in the radiator!  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)