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Re: Ball housing R+R

Dave -

I may be wrong (others feel free to chime in here), but you may be able to get
the rubber as a separate part for a lot less. Of course, if the ball joint
itself is bad (cracked or worn) then it needed replacing.

I am looking at R&R-ing the slop in my 84 4kq. Anyone know if the insert is

- Dave

"Dave" <dave@ohlemacher.com> on 12/08/99 02:28:17 AM

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Subject:  Ball housing R+R

My 89 90q had a very sloppy shifter and it was hard to get into some gears
and you could actually lift the shifter 'up' a couple inches!

Replaced the ball housing ($65 from dealer, couldn't find it anywhere else)
and it shifts like a new car with no slop!  The old one had a tear in the
rubber surrounding the ball cup going about 75% of the way around.

Easy to check and to replace, took about 10 minutes.  Just follow the
Bentley manual.

89 90q (almost 100%, just a little more cleaning)
91 200tqw