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RE: Ball housing R+R

I had the same thing with my '88 80Q.  The ball housing is the smallest
component you can get for that problem, the rubber is cast into the housing
and not repairable.


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Dave -

I may be wrong (others feel free to chime in here), but you may be able to
the rubber as a separate part for a lot less. Of course, if the ball joint
itself is bad (cracked or worn) then it needed replacing.

I am looking at R&R-ing the slop in my 84 4kq. Anyone know if the insert is

- Dave

"Dave" <dave@ohlemacher.com> on 12/08/99 02:28:17 AM

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Subject:  Ball housing R+R

My 89 90q had a very sloppy shifter and it was hard to get into some gears
and you could actually lift the shifter 'up' a couple inches!

Replaced the ball housing ($65 from dealer, couldn't find it anywhere else)
and it shifts like a new car with no slop!  The old one had a tear in the
rubber surrounding the ball cup going about 75% of the way around.

Easy to check and to replace, took about 10 minutes.  Just follow the
Bentley manual.

89 90q (almost 100%, just a little more cleaning)
91 200tqw