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RE: Home made intercooler

> > > > I have a brand spanking new 1991 200 20vtq single pass IC I'm
> planning
> > > on
> > > > installing.  $218, dealer...
> > > >
>  Hmm... thats cool, Scott Mo's site lists it at ~$700.  Has the price come
> down recently, or are you dating someone at the dealer? :)
> Interesting notes on your install concept...
> Are you planning to do this soon?  I'd rather you were the guinney pig
> than me ;)
I just bought a really big house, and the divine Mrs. Lewis has some serious
plans for me.  Start with painting the house over Xmas-New Years, and then I
only have to cut down 9 (nine) large trees, oh wait, malibu lights first,

You get the idea...

But I will do it, I swear...