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Pulling Codes 1991 90 20Valve

I have a 1991 90 Quattro 20 valve.  I went to pull the codes from the
ECU for the first time last night with an LED I constructed and got
these results.

I connected the test light between A2 (Black Connector) and C2 (Blue
Connector).  I turned on the key and connected A1 to B1(Brown
Connector) for about 4 seconds.  I got the code 4444.  I then started
the engine and connected A1 to B1 and repeatedly after I removed the
connection the engine would die.  What is going on?

This is in an effort to fix this (from a previous post:
I have been experiencing surging under light load in 2nd or 3rd gear
under light throttle.  While cruising it feels like the engine is
cutting out momentarily, kind of like when the AC is on (which it
isn't).  I replaced the oxygen sensor and now I no longer have a
hunting idle after coming to a stop but the surging is still there. 
The idle also isn't as smooth as it was a couple weeks ago.  I searched
for vacuum leaks with propane and found nothing.  Techron didn't work. 
Plugs are new.

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