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Re: homemade ic

The 10 pounds you'll save is worth how much in the 1/4 for you? How many
of us care about an addition 10 pounds in the face of engine feel?

You neglect the fact that I'm doing this from a project aspect, not
necessarily what's easiest. My criteria is a bullet proof system with
higher internal and external flow. As I just emailed Robert Myers about, I
won't be able to get the external surface area due to finning of the stock
ic, but I'm trying to create a large tube surface area whereas the stock
ic has a somewhat low one due to it only being two oval core tubes. I will
attempt to make up for the surface area deficit with core tube surface
area increase, better internal and external airflow. I'll see if ovalizing
the core tubes is a possiblility (front to back). If the core tube are
numerous enough, there will be a tubulator effect, turbulators like the
stock ic that are just straight pieces of aluminum within the tubes.

BTW: you go out and get an ic and modify the end caps yourself while
trying to get it to fit the tight confines while having proper plumbing.
Give us your results. I'd be very happy to see them. BTW on that: I've
tried. Hope you can do better. It's really easy to propose to someone else
to modify another ic and esp, the tanks. It's another for one to do it

The reason why the thread hasn't died is because it's a point of interest
to the list. Maybe not to you, but just like a tv station; your option not
to open the letter asnd delete it. 

I've been receiving many private emails and I try to respond to all of the
questions and suggestions for the ic idea. The thread appears to be alot
stronger than you think it is.

If you're not interested, don't read.

BTW: I am open to design critcisms and in no way take offense; may help
the idea come along.
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On Thu, 9 Dec 1999 ScottyCBoy@aol.com wrote:

> How come this thread hasn't died yet? An intercooler made of copper? Why not just find an intercooler that is made from AL that is close in size to what you are looking for and modify the end caps?? This would be much easier and much lighter..
> Scott