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RE: Really awful TT experience

There is an on-ramp that I race my buddy's 1982 911 occasionally.  I always
beat him (it is straight), unless I blow 2nd to 3rd, which happens more than
I'd like admit.  And I recently had the linkage rebuilt, which put me into
the once a month club...

> > His was rebuilt once, and replaced once.
> > 
> > I missed a shift from 1st to 2nd once 
> Once!? hahahahaahah
> I miss second from third about twice a month, second from first about
> once a month (usually at red line ha ha)... now that no one will ever
> buy a used tranmission from me, maybe the TT owner is expecting the same
> kind of bulletproof machinery us 093 grinders are used to?
> maybe not.  I think his car is cursed and he should build a pyre.
> -- 
> Huw Powell
> http://www.humanspeakers.com/audi/paganrites/