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Re: Crash Test Results for Older Audis, and a Dodge Colt

Lawrence C Leung writes:
> Personally, I'm glad to be driving a 2C rather than a 5K, and rather than
> my old 4K. Not saying the older cars aren't safe, but I do know that the
> 2C is safer. Though I like and drive VW and Audi products, I don't think
> that they are always the first, nor the best at everything. At least

Audi may not be the best at everything, especially older models, but
nowadays Audi consistently ranks at the top when it comes to crash
performance.  They really have it nailed.  The A4, A6 and A8 all are
at the top of their classes.  The A8 in particular is a engineering
tour de force, achieving superior body structure integrity via the
Audi Space Frame even though it is entirely made of aluminum, which
is softer than steel.  The improved crash test scores of current Audis
is a combination of great chassis stiffness around the passenger cell
and careful management of impact forces in the crumple zones front
and back, as well as the sides.  Then there are the collapsible
steering column, all those air bags and self-tensioning seat belts...

Try lifting one corner of the car up with the jack and then
open and close the doors.  On my 4000 and 5000T, there is observable
body twist under that sort of load and the doors will bind a little.
On my A4?  Absolutely no twist at all.  The doors close with the
same ease as they do while sitting on the ground.  Telltale indeed!

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