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Keyless entry questions

I have used the following wiring diagram to install keyless entry in my 
wife's 90 V8:
[Unable to display image]
Where I put the six dots indicates a power lead from the wiring harness of 
the central vac pump (for the door locks.)  All connections are good, all 
places supposed to have +12V have it, and all places that are supposed to 
ground are grounded.  I'm sorry if the image is fuzzy, but I had to make it 
fit in the email.  I, along with a guy who has installed stereos and alarms 
for a living in the past, troubleshot the system for a good hour and cannot 
find any bad wiring.  What am I missing?  The system is an Autoloc KY3750 and 
the remotes, I believe, are not "learnin'" the code from the black box.  Any 
advice would be appreciated and thanks in advance,
Gil Bourcier
Columbia, MD USA
87 4kcsq-mine