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Re: finally...it runs


Sounds like a nice car that was neglected. Cost around $1,000 and your time,
patience and enjoyment. Also sounds like you approached things right, not
allowing yourself to be discouraged by the big picture. I agree, that heater
core must have been some letdown. I have also found, when I think I have a
problem licked, and I tout off to the list of my great success, I am often
back the next day seeking yet more advice. Congratulations on getting this
baby going and I hope your dil gets many years of safe and pleasurable
motoring from it.


86 4KCSQ Daily Driver
86 4KS      Spare
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Subject: finally...it runs

> jeff asked....
> How much was this "bargain" originally?
> How much (est) is into it now (placing value on scavenged parts & your
> time?
> the bargain, (what bargain? i ask)cost $500.00 canadian ($300.00 usa
> it does have an amazingly clean and unblemished interior and exterior.
>         the donor car cost me $275.00 cdn and immediately yielded a
> hydraulic pump for my 5kcdtq...so now i figure i'm already up $200.00 on
> that car.
>         my time and labour were provided during my "free time" time for a
> break, stress relief....and at some times with this car, time to yell and
> cuss and kick a few things. it was truly a pain at times when everything i
> fixed or replaced only served to deliver another problem at the next
> step....but i had made a commitment to my dil that i would fix it...and i
> honour my commitments. along the way, by removing parts, first from one
> and then from the donor, was a huge learning curve for me on these cars.
> some of the things...ie the filler for the differential, are unbelievably
> awkward to access, but even at my decrepit old 60 yrs i was able to
> enough to do it so i accepted the challenge and won... i set everything up
> as a goal to be achieved (my racing background) and each new problem was a
> stumbling block towards my goal. i always did the problems one at a time
> didn't stand back in despair to look at the whole dismal package. looking
> back, the leaking heater core was the biggest disappointment as the car
> should have been ready to go at that point.
>         in total i put about $500.00 in new parts into the car....my time,
> look upon as therapy sessions, and schooling. if i weren't working on that
> car it could have been my drof van with leaking seals, or my 5kcdtq, or
> rebuilding the wagon if i find yet another donor (it too has a great body)
> or even helping my son with his sunbeam alpine...so the time is of no
> consequence here.
> hth
> mike
> 86 5kcdtq, tap chip sjm spring
> 84 5ks
> 84 5ksw
> many cyclops bicycles