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buick re-shaped my quattro, need parts.

Hello all,

I'm calm enough to write now, so I ask for advice on helping my injured 4kq.

At 5:45 this evening, while travelling at a reasonable speed, in the left lane of a 3 lane road, someone in a large american car decided to cross all 3 lanes of traffic in less than as many carlenghts, and then stop right in front of me.

What followed is best left to imagination,  I'm sure he thought I was crazy, how I carried on about him "killing the Audi" and such.  His tanklinke lesabre was of course unscathed, and I resisted the urge to grab the 3/4" breaker bar from the trunk and adjust it for him.

The Audi now has two deep parallel scars beginning at the drivers headlamp, down the remains of the fender, and ending near the drivers door.

Does anyone in the Seattle area have a parts 4000 (85-87) laying about that could spare it's drivers fender, corner marker + headlight bracket, and silver bumper trim?  I really hate the thought of going to Bry's for these.

Also, how much of a PITA is fender removal?  I know it's glued and screwed on top, then there are doubtless several hidden fasteners on the underside, and more in other impossible to reach places...sound about right?

Hopefully after the cursing and bleeding stops, I'll create a faq of some sort on this proceedure.  Thanks in advance, and goodnight.

-Derek L.
'86 4000cs quattro
13 years, 175224 miles, 4 owners, immaculate until tonight. :(

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