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Re: Really bad TT ownership experience

I'll comment on the privacy cover.  They NEVER fixed it (not on my car at
least) for any more than a few days or weeks.  Always came back and is here
to this day!  Always said some differences in material caused the
squeaking.  The wheel finish was a replace it fix.

Aren't the TT's built in a Hungary plant?  Don't know if there are any QC
issues there or not.  

Scott Wood
1990 CQ
Charlotte, NC

> From: Ed Kellock <edkellock@juno.com>
> To: bwillis@san.rr.com
> Cc: quattro@audifans.com
> Subject: Re: Really bad TT ownership experience
> Date: Saturday, December 11, 1999 2:27 PM
> Hmmm... Haven't we seen ALL of these before??
> Aside from age-related 2nd gear problems in the later Type 44's let's
> reveiw the list...
> > 1. An intermittent reset of the instrument pod.
> --- tons of instr cluster problems on the later Type 44's
> > 2. A faulty fuel sensor, which can show a 1/2 left when the car is bone
> dry
> > (a number of other owners have also had this problem, and several have
> run
> > out of gas).
> ---- erroneous fuel level reporting a topic of discussion lately
> > 3. A loud metallic rattle when accelerating or decelerating (Audi says
> that
> > it has something to do with a turbo release valve).
> ---- plenty of rattles and strange noises have been discussed here
> > 4. Leak in the power steering pump line (successfully repaired).
> --- no comment
> > 5. Loud rattle of the rear privacy cover (replaced and is now fine).
> ---- CQ owners care to comment?
> > 6. Breakdown of the wheels' finish (replaced and is now fine).
> ---  calling CQ owners again...
> It looks as if things are getting worse not better if all these are
> happening on
> brand new cars.   Most if not all of the items on the list have happened
> only due
> to age on our older Audis.
> Very sorry to hear of  your experience Brad.  At least the owners of
> older cars exhibiting
> these problems can make peace with it due to age, wear, and tear...  most
> of the time.
> Ed
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