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RE: 3:car needed+headlamp sockets+head gasket?(quite long)

> My personal experience with the Competition Unlimited (nice folks, BTW)
> wiring harness (including sockets) and 80/100 watt 9004 lights (or the
> lower values above stock) was totally unsatisfactory in my first
> '89 200tq.

Hmm.... Interesting.
I built my own wiring harness, using 12 ga wire and Hella relays, terminated
in blue-colored "heavy-duty" comp ltd bulb sockets.  These are made out of
a seemingly softer plastic than o.e., and have (if I remember correctly)
14 gauge pigtails.  They came with dielectric grease in the terminal holes.

Using 65/100 9007's I have had no problems, now over a year since I did the
conversion and not even a burnt out bulb.  After reading your post, I went
to take a look at the connectors.  On the high beam side of the comp ltd
socket, there is some slight discoloration (brown).  There is very little
of this discoloration.  The low beam side is fine.

I wonder if the metal housing of the 4kq lights is helping to disipate
heat beter than the plastic housings on the 200?  My 200 has euros, but
I was planning on doing the 9007 conversion to my brothers 5ktq.

After reading bout your problems, I will probably go with 70/80 watt bulbs
to prevent this problem.  Frankly, even w/ 100w's the high beams still
suck on the 4kq, so I don't really think I will loose anything.