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Re: Lousy fuel economy on '91 200TQW; advice, please.

Fred Munro wrote:
> Hi Jim;
>     Your city mileage is not far off what I was getting with my '91 200q -
> mine was around 13-14 mpUSg.

I guess there could be a big variation between what's considered "city" driving,
but when my wife used our '91 200Q for almost exclusively short trips, we used
to get around 19 mpg.

I drive it now 80 miles everyday, almost all freeway, but with at least 20
minutes of stop-and-go per day. I average about 45 mph from fill-to-fill, and
get something like 22-23 mpg. If I'm all alone and I drive at a steady 75 mph, I
get a little over 25 mpg.

The lowest mileage I ever got was 10.3 mpg, after several laps at the
Thunderhill track.

>From my experience, I feel that 13-14 mpg is a bit low, though I'm at a loss to
offer any advice, given Jim's fairly exhaustive checks.


'91 200Q, 109K

Arun Rao
Pixar Animation Studios
Pt. Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 620-3526