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exhaust hangers? ('84 5kS)

After being unable to remove the rear exhaust
section from a junkyard 5k to graft onto
mine, I grafted th broken-off rear silencer
back on, with an 'adapter' that goes into the
silencer and around the pipe - not without
significant cutting and bending, as no actually
fitting pipe coudl be found, but it seems to 
work, for now.
Hanging the silencer in place, however, I find
that besides the symmetric complex-shaped
front rubber hanger, I have one rubber donut
for the rear, one long metal hook on the silencer,
but two tight hooks welded to the car.
The left one pulls a little far to the
left, the right one pulls much too far to the right.
Should I have 2 donuts here, or is this piece just 
doubled to accomodate different exhaust types?

G. Benedikt Rochow