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Re: those little orange pegs...?

>> Why are those pegs the front floor mats hook onto painted orange?

> So you won't shoot them by mistake when out in the woods.

You guys are pretty clever in this neck of the woods (that last one got a
chuckle outta me...)

Can you say "unintended acceleration?"

I was working as a writer in the Service Department of a dealership during
that one. An initial thesis for the "problem" was that floor mats were
getting bunched up under the feet and holding the go-pedal down. Immediately
afterwards, all Audis were delivered with those orange pegs, and I seem to
remember there was even a recall to install them or to replace the floor
mats with the holes for the pegs.

Anyway, our Audi rep said they painted them that way to make it abundantly
clear that the little pegs were there for a reason, that reason being to
keep the floor mats in place. Of course, soon thereafter they figured out it
wasn't due to loose floor mats, it was due to loose nuts behind the steering
wheels, and they recalled the cars again to tighten those up and install a
brake/shifter interlock.

Seemed to do the trick.