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Ignition switch(80Q) BTDT today..

    Well, on Friday night of last week, just as I was preparing to install my 
coil over/Koni suspension on the next day, Saturday-my car won't start in the 
parking lot of my work 40 minutes from my house!  I turn the key, but the 
motor does not turn over.  The key would activte the ignition switch to the 
accessory position, but would not engage the switch to power the 
starter...sheesh!  So a buddy at Eurospec kindly pushes my car down the 
street for a push-start (I already asked forgiveness of my cat-converter).  
    Never having dealt with this problem on an Audi, I figure I get a new 
swith and "pop"it in from behind...ha!  An hour later out comes the whole 
steering column with the damn switch attached!  Two 13mm behind the steering 
wheel, and two down on the bottom of the shaft, and a tricky little phillips 
that holds the comb. switch onto the shaft (acessed from  a slot in the 
bottom of the plastic cover)  Turns out the cast/forged aluminum piece on the 
end of the key lock that engages the switch had broken.  So now, on order 
from the dealer a new lock assembly and switch.  Then there is this torx head 
screw with a pin in the middle holding the key lock assy. to the 
shaft...luckily Kragen had someting that worked..who knew?!
    And a full report of the coil overs as soon as they are done...