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Reboring an MB

For the list's delectation and amusement ...

On Saturday morning I took a panic call from a UK Club member.

He'd started a head/turbo swap on an MB to cure a seriously deteriorating
oil burning problem.  With the head off, it was obvious that the bores
were _deeply_ scored by shrapnel from above.  Audi wanted GBP2770 for a
new short engine.

I supplied the block, crank and pistons from MB001293, rebuilt with new
shells and rings.  I took back MB001611 in exchange - with the intent of
boring it out.  GBP1000.

As the cogniscenti will know, there are no oversize pistons for the MB
engine available from Audi.  But I knew that Pete Reeve had stocked up
last year with a made-to-order set of oversizes direct from Mahle.

GBP300 the set.

The block has been stripped and is now on its way (with a sample piston)
to Rugby Motor Engineering Services for reboring.

So - with GBP300 going on pistons, about GBP250 on shells, GBP80 or so
on seals, GBP120 on the rebore and then my time in rebuilding and
balancing - am I going to show a profit?

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
 Phone +44 7785 302803  Fax +44 870 0883933