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Re: headlight bulbs..

> >> Oh hey, does anyone have names for Audi paint colours? I am curious to
> >> know what they called silver, because if Gold was Gobi Beige.....well,
> >> who knows. I also can't find my paint code, I don't know why, it's in
> >> the doorjam right?
> >
> >I thought it was inside the trunk lid.
> I thought so, too.  It's not there.  I even removed the fabric/fiber board
> liner under the trunk lid. 

the coupe lid in the attic has a white paper sticker with the paint
code(s) on it.  That's also where my 83 5kt was marked, though how I
figured out the name of the colour I have no idea.  Maybe at a paint
store.  I just used that quart to paint my back door and under where my
new car parts shelves went last week.  Anyway, that sticker doesn't look
too sturdy, so mebbe it goes missing sometimes.  Or they just hide them
somewhere else these days.

Cashmere grey?  The only cashmere I have is light brown (it's a fur
collar, not a sweater)

Huw Powell