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Re: Taillight bulbs

In a message dated 12/14/99 11:29:24 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
mizutanit@mindspring.com writes:

<< What kind of bulbs are used in the taillights of an '86 5kcstq? One
 burned out, so I'm going to replace it and am thinking of replacing
 all of the bulbs, just to prevent any burnouts in the near future.
 I'm hoping I can get these at the local auto parts store, not the
 Also, is it difficult to remove the reflector/taillight section that
 is part of the trunk lid? I'm replacing the black plastic part that
 has the license plate holder and am hoping that this is not a very
 difficult task. Do I need to buy some sort of sealant, like the black
 gooey stuff? >>

just regular 1157 bulbs. you can get them anywhere. 
are your lisc plate screw sockets all reamed out?   if so, you dont need to 
replace the whole rear light panel, you just need to go to your local FLAPS 
(FriendlyLocalAutoPartsStore) or kmart has them too, and buy a set of those 
lisc. plate  sockets/screws. pack of 4 is like a buck.  All the audis ive 
ever owned had this prob, and its easy/cheap to fix. 
'86 5kT, TQ