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Re: 0-60 What??

AFAIK, the 962's ran the PDK transmission, which has zip to do with the ZF
Tiptronic.  The PDK was, if I recall correctly, also used by Audi in the
last of the Sport Q's and/or the S1.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

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> In a message dated 99-12-14 12:26:43 EST, you write:
> << When Porsche introduced the Tiptronic transmissions, they and the mag
>  testers all claimed it would beat a stick to 60 >>
> It didn't.  They were a touch slower, in most cases, but the ease of
> them is quite pleasant.   However, the Tiptronic program was developed
> directly from the 962C Prototype race cars, where Porsche found that the
> semi-automatic was good for around 1 second a lap.  Which, in racing
> was a quantum leap forward.  I also wouldn't worry much about the tip
> handling the power - 962C's ran upwards of 800 hp in qualifying race trim,
> and are widely (and correctly) regarded as the most sucessful prototype
> ever built (7 or 8 straight LM wins..)
> Later!
> Carter J
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